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The question I am asked most frequently and the one that is hardest to answer adequately – how do I receive messages and guidance from the beyond?

Usually, folks are less interested in my process but more curious about how it feels to receive this communication – how do I know I just don’t have a very active imagination? How do I receive communication?

Well, that is a great question for sure and one I struggled with for a long time. Read my post here for more background about me:

I will make what will likely be a woefully inadequate attempt at explaining below.

How do I receive messages:

The question I am always asked – how do I receive messages and guidance? Although as a child, my experiences with spirits and ghosts were as normal and real to me as my experiences with living people (sometimes more), as I got older this began to change for me (for reasons I explain in the above linked post).

At first, messages and communication came to me mainly through a sense of knowing which is something that isn’t easily explained. Think about this – say you walk down the same block every day and there is a crack in the sidewalk. Eventually you don’t need to see or feel this crack to know it is there – you just do. You wouldn’t need to think about it or explain why it is there, you would just know through your experiences of passing it every day. Although not exactly the same, this helps to explain the sense of knowing I experience. I have learned to tell that this knowing is coming from spirit, and not from my own personal experiences, by the way it feels. There is a different vibrational energy to them and a clarity that is profound.

Through working with people and providing voluntary readings, I learned to trust this communication and deliver it authentically and lovingly.

Messages quickly progressed past this sense of knowing to direct communication with spirit. Although I couldn’t see them at first, and sometimes I still do not “see” them, I could feel them vividly. If you were to close your eyes and someone walks up behind you, close, you would know they were there even though you couldn’t see them. You would feel them, feel their energy. A lot of times you may even know who it is – you recognize people’s energy. I can recognize them as spiritual energy (most of the time) by the way they feel – the vibrations are very different from the living.

Spirits communicate with me by sharing images, words, smells, tastes… They share replays of key events with me… they share through symbols… I may hear them, see them, feel them…

The way I receive messages is as varying and unique as people themselves are and depends on the spirit’s energy as well as the energy of the living people around me. Although there are names for each of these methods of receiving communication, I prefer not to focus on labels and leave myself open to whatever may come.

The key to my communication was learning not to put my own interpretations on them and not to leave anything out. Messages are being shared to the person, not me. I am only there to deliver and usually it is the smallest detail that may mean the most to the person I am working with.

When reading a client’s home or engaging with spirits that are earth-bound and reaching out in some way (what most think of a haunting), often I receive information from my guides or from an overall “source”. Client’s loved ones that have passed may step forward to help fill in the gaps (or sometimes just to try to get a message through) also. Other times I may connect directly with the spiritual energy that is in the home. Each case is unique and an opportunity to learn and grow.

Normally, when working on a case, I provide a reading remotely first. I am given the first names of the clients, sometimes their ages, and an address and picture of the home. I provide a detailed reading that can help guide how we move forward in assisting the clients.

I have reached a point now where I do normally “see” spirits and can communicate with them very clearly. The hard part has become making sure the person talking to me is actually physically standing there, and that everyone else can see them too, before I verbally engage them. While my family has been very supportive through all this, they would likely draw the line at me standing in a restaurant talking to myself. But, I do admit it has happened. Once… or twice….

Today, I work on building my paranormal experiences and exploring different belief systems – mainly so I can bring all of this to my volunteer work with clients. I am also sharing a lot of these experiences here – in the hopes that it may not only entertain some people but that it will bring a new and exciting look into these historic places, most rife with paranormal experiences and ghostly hauntings.

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  1. Hi, Very Good Article. I really appreciate it. Now you got one regular visitor to your website for new topics. Keep up the Good Work Thanks for always sharing. Nicole Graham

  2. This topic has often intrigued me at various points in my life and I’ve stopped to wonder if there’s someone who could really explain the unknown. While I’ve personally never approached anybody to even ask a question, it is great that you have shared your experience in great detail. I look forward to learning new things through you.
    Thank you for sharing ?

    1. Thank you for the feedback! I always say that the unknown is a great big abyss, and while lots of us get a bigger crack in the door to peer through than others, it’s still just a limited view! But I am happy to be sharing some great historical places from this perspective with everyone!

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