Who am I? Paranormal Travel to Haunted Historic Places

Thank you for sharing in my paranormal journey traveling to haunted historic places! My name is Kristi and I am a mother of two – both now adults. I’ve been married a lifetime to my best friend and adventure partner Lou.  We live in NJ but yearn to travel and see the world – or at least more of our neck of the woods – and be free from my ever taxing day job… bills…stress… Well, you get the idea!

We are embarking on this paranormal journey – traveling our local area – to share our adventures and the amazing haunted history we uncover.  And of course any paranormal experiences.  And if we get to enjoy some Craft Beer along the way – even better!

Did I mention that I am a psychic medium and paranormal investigator? This means I can see, hear, feel, taste (yes, sometimes taste…), smell and most importantly, interact with Spirit and other energies.  Most refer to these energies as Ghosts and they can be a lot of fun – or terrifying – depending on your perspective.

Interacting with Spirit often gives me a unique view into the history of a location – from the people that actually lived it!

During the day, I work a very boring, normal, too busy job in the analytical world.  I often joke – I’m an analyst by day and submerged in the paranormal by night.  Wouldn’t it make for some very interesting water cooler stories if I ever mixed the two up?

I also volunteer with a paranormal group as the Director of Mediumship and a paranormal investigator.  We work with clients that have paranormal activity in their homes or businesses and are often afraid.  Fascinated by the validation provided when Spirit interacts with the scientific equipment (our toys as I lovingly refer to them), this volunteer work allows me to learn and grow as a medium.  Also, the findings from an investigation – coupled with my readings and the history on a property – enable us to tell the story of the haunting.  We also help all involved – Spirit and clients – with remediation so they can move forward.  As volunteers with varying backgrounds and beliefs, our team has one main thing in common: the desire to help.

This amazing group is “Paranormal Consulting and Investigations of New Jersey”. Or PCINJ for short.

You can find us here:  http://www.pcinj.org

I hope you join me on these paranormal adventures, come along on our jaunts to these haunted and historic places, and maybe have an adventure of your own along the way!


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