A Sister’s Message from the Grave

I grew up in a rather large, dysfunctional family and am one of 5 daughters (my poor father right?).  There is a 12 year difference between my oldest sister, who I will call “L”, and myself (I am the youngest).

You can read a little more about the background that shaped me here:  https://wp.me/paqIPF-7t

I lost my mother as a teenager and my father shortly after having my own daughter.  I also have lost two of my sisters in the past 10 years.

During my childhood, I really didn’t spend a lot of time with my older sisters because of the age differences.  Most of my memories while growing up are of my sister “K” and I.  K was 4 years older than me and we were inseparable for years.

You can read about my first paranormal experience, which K had to live through as well, here: https://wp.me/paqIPF-5V

K and I grew up close and she was very protective of me.  As a child I didn’t quite understand this and at times was a little resentful.  However, looking back, all the reasons are very clear.

I was not like other children – I acted different, I spoke different, and I thought different.  I was an old soul even then.

About 10 years ago, I arrived at work to a tragic phone call.  We had lost K suddenly during the night.  Loss is always devastating and earth shattering and this was no different.

However, during the process of grieving my sister K, I had two of the most profound paranormal experiences.  These experiences helped me change and gave me very real insight into the spirit world.  They are also quite amusing (now at least).

I share these two experiences below.  While I was there, and have no doubt of their validity, what do you think happened?

Experience 1:

After K’s passing, my oldest sister “L”  and I were hanging out, drinking wine and trying unsuccessfully to write a eulogy for the funeral service.  L always handled things through humor, believing laughter was the best medicine.  This was no different.  We were joking around saying things we knew would likely annoy K to no end.  In life to say K had a temper would be a serious understatement.

L was sitting on a bench with no back in my kitchen.  As we were giggling, thinking about the way K would react if she had been there, I watched L get pushed straight back off that bench.  Her feet went up in the air and she went straight backwards with no warning.  There was no wobbling, no attempt to catch herself and the bench didn’t move or tip.

Frankly, it looked like she was knocked right off that bench with a nice shove with absolutely no warning!

I knew right away K was there and she was damned proud of herself.  Once L and I regained our composure, unsure whether to laugh or cry (ultimately we laughed a whole lot more), we said we were sorry and behaved ourselves – somewhat.  We also moved onto something stronger than wine.

Experience 2:

Most of my family had necklaces made with K’s ashes as a way to carry her with them.  I, however, was absolutely freaked out about the idea and refused to have one.

One night after my nieces were over, K’s daughters, I found one of their necklaces outside on my back deck.  Again, the idea freaked me out, so I called them right away and asked them to come and get it.  I put the necklace in the house, inside a curio cabinet – in a cup with a lid.  I didn’t think much more about it and went about the chores we all must do when coming home from work – you know – opening wine, cooking dinner, trying to keep the kids  outside.

This was a warm day, so we were having dinner outside on our deck – we have a covered deck with a bar area built-in.  I went to sit behind the bar with my dinner – I had hurt my ankle and behind the bar was a nice shelf I could rest my foot on.  As I sat down and looked at the shelf to put my aching foot up, I saw that necklace sitting there.

Confused and a little panicked, I went to grab it but hesitated – like I said it freaked me out.  Slowly, I realized that several of my family members had the same necklace made so it was likely someone else lost theirs as well.  I grabbed that necklace and went to put it with its sister.

However, when I opened the curio and removed the lid from the cup – there was no other necklace inside…

Seriously – what in the actual F&&& happened?

I was not amused.

I know there wasn’t anybody inside the house and I also know I put that necklace in there.  I thought I was freaked out before – now my anxiety went off the charts.  I called L right away and basically threatened everything and anything I could to make her come get that necklace from me.  I hung that necklace on the back deck so that someone, anyone, could come and get it right away – even if I wasn’t home.

Promptly, and actively, forgetting about the necklace we went on with our night – attending sports, drinking wine…

While sleeping that night, I had a horrendously vivid dream of my sister K standing on my deck, in the rain during a thunderstorm, banging on the back door to be let in.

She was telling me not to leave her in the rain, that she was wet and cold.

All of this was happening with a smart smirk on her face.  The next day – and yes, I fully admit it – after waking traumatized, I realized that necklace was not picked up the night before.   The necklace, with K’s ashes in it, was still on the deck – outside getting wet in the rain.

Needless to say, I dropped it off at L’s house immediately.

I never did understand or appreciate K’s sense of humor.

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