Spiritual Engagement – Paradise City

“Take me down to the paradise city
Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty
Take me home… take me home
Take me down to the paradise city
Where the grass is green and Take me home…Take me home…take me home”

As I climb the staircase (have I mentioned that I live in a haunted house) – one slow step at a time – a young woman’s voice comes to me, singing this song.  Many of you may recognize the tune (Guns N Roses) but this was sung with a different tempo.  I hear it as if a young girl in a choir was singing the words.  The words are soft at first but with each step it intensifies.  As I reach the top of the staircase, I find myself singing softly as well.  Turning down the hallway, I’m overwhelmed with energy – breaking out in goosebumps, skin stinging, breath stolen, heart racing.  I continue taking slow, shuffling steps towards the bedroom – the singing intensifying – “Take me down to paradise city, take me home”.  I am almost lost to the moment and the energy now.

Turning, almost gliding into the bedroom, a sense of calmness engulfs everything.  Not yet sensing or seeing the Spirit being channeled, I’m unaware there’s someone there. 

As a psychic medium, I am not new to having Spirit come to me – my energy is like a beacon of light in the dense fog for many Spirits.  They are drawn my way – often times for help.  But this is different – feels different.   The energy and experience is new. 

I went upstairs to get something from my closet and continue towards it.  Bending down, the beautiful singing becomes stronger, louder, more engaging and it draws me in completely.   The realization that I am not only hearing this melody but also singing the words quite loudly is startling.   Trust me – my singing normally sounds uncannily like our cat when my husband accidentally steps on his tail.  It’s not pleasant (is downright bad, let’s be honest).  This was not normal – this sounded beautiful (and in tune).  Someone is here.   

Standing up suddenly and turning – there in the mirror is a young woman.  She has light brown hair, past her shoulders.  Her hair is feathered.  She is wearing blue.  She is young – early 20s, possibly younger.  College student maybe.  Her first name comes to me as well as the state she was from.  She was murdered – and it was brutal.  Her breath was taken, her life stolen, her body abandoned.  She would have passed several decades ago.  Startled, overwhelmed with the knowing, the emotion and the energy – I stop and ask how I can help.  The song comes again – those words now very meaningful – “Take me down to the paradise city, Take Me Home, Take Me Home”.   White light suddenly engulfs everything – and all consuming love and peace.  I feel this young woman enter this light and cross over – going home.  Instantly the song stops, the energy is gone and the light closes.  The energy and my body is full of peace and calmness.  I hear myself say “Goodbye” and come back into the moment. 

Volunteering in the paranormal field, I have helped many Spirits cross to the other side.  Although each experience is different, the normal process for crossing Spirits – with the teams help (https://pcinj.org/ ) – is that we actively work on bringing in the light through the use of vibrational tools (bells, singing bowls for example) and meditation.  I engage and communicate with Spirit – often giving them the opportunity to tell their stories, share their fears, guilt, regrets… bring them back to love.   Many times we connect Spirit with their loved ones on the other side.  That’s when they are able to take those amazing steps, let go and cross over to peace and love.   But this experience tonight happened organically – through no effort or engagement on my part.  The universe took the steps needed to help this Soul move on using my energy.  A new first for me.

A short time later – I felt the need for some validation on this experience.  I volunteer my time, using my abilities to help people  that are haunted as well as Spirit that need help – resulting in paranormal activity.  I love learning new things and growing through these different experiences.   But the analytic side of me (I am a financial analyst by profession) wants validation of these findings and experiences.   This is why our team – (https://pcinj.org/ ) – is so important.  We use all the tools at our disposal to help.  The readings and information I provide, through communications with Spirit, are always compared to the history, client experiences and the paranormal investigation findings.  The analytical side of me wants this validation of the findings that my Spiritual side brings – but more importantly, this process is invaluable to helping clients and Spirit.   

So I simply google the information received.   Instantly this beautiful young girl’s picture is on my screen.  She was indeed under 20 and was murdered several decades ago.   She was from the State received – which happens to be not far from my home.  And her case, which had gone cold long long ago, was solved very recently.  The men that took her life were finally arrested after decades.  This beautiful young woman, who’s life was so brutally and tragically stolen, was finally ready to go home – and I was blessed to be able to help.  I won’t be sharing any of the specifics about her here, dear reader, because I do not want to exploit this woman or her story.   

She has walked in the fog – needing help and waiting on justice – for far too long.   Although time is not linear for Spirits and decades can feel like yesterday to them, this beautiful young woman has earned her peace.  And tonight she went to her paradise city and was taken home.

At a time when it feels like everything, everywhere is in chaos and the world’s energy is collectively full of fear, loss, anger, sadness….For me, this experience tonight is a blessing and a reminder that balance, love and light will find a way.  We will all find our way home eventually.

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