Protecting Ourselves Spiritually and Energetically – COVID-19

A lot of information is being provided every day about protecting our health and the health of others. It seems like every headline, newsfeed article, comment and commercial provides information on what will or will not work to slow the spread of this virus.

What isn’t being addressed and is so very important to each and every one of us – how to protect ourselves spiritually and energetically during this pandemic.

You don’t have to be sensitive or empathic to feel the fear, anxiety, loneliness, frustration and anger surrounding the entire world right now – it is thick, palpable and strong. What can you do to protect yourself from the overwhelming negative energy that permeates everybody and everything? Start simply with these steps:

  • Disconnect – I know it sounds cliché but hear me out. All energy is connected, and location doesn’t matter. As you scroll through your feed, read headlines, or scroll through people’s comments – you are connected. That connection, especially in a time of such high global turmoil, will have an impact on you and your energy. The entire world has one main focus right now – COVID-19. The magnitude of that energy coming together is massive and it comes straight to you through so many sources – social media, news  reports, friends, work, every store we enter…. It is very important to take the time every day to disconnect – from the world and social media. Even 5 minutes can make a big difference to your Spirit and  your energy.   Keeping your energy clear and free goes along way with keeping yourself healthy as well.
  • Connect with nature – I can not stress enough how important this is. Have you noticed how plentiful and loud the birds sound this year? It can be quite healing. Take a walk and watch the clouds, sit in the grass, touch the tree. Connecting with nature -even for just a few minutes a day-will rejuvenate you and lift and strengthen your Spirit.
  • Positive Affirmations – take 30 seconds in the morning before you start your day and repeat these following 3 positive affirmations. Repeat again before ending your day. Feel free to repeat anytime and add any affirmations that feel right to YOU. I, in fact, add affirmations to random spots such as my bedroom mirror, my desk at work, under the sun visor in my car.  Give it a try – it just may make you smile.
    • I am grateful for today
    • Today only love and light can come to me and only love and light can come through me
    • I release all negative energy from me. I release all energy that does not belong to me. I keep only love and light
  • Breathe – breathe, breathe, breathe… Remember to take a deep breath and as you release it, visualize releasing a cloud of negative energy. As you breathe in, visualize rays of bright white light entering with your breathe. Repeat this often throughout the day.
  • Salt – this is my go-to item for cleansing and protecting. I keep sea salt in my shower and as I soap up, I include salt. I repeat affirmation #3 above as I rinse off and I visualize all that released energy washing down the drain. I also keep a small spray bottle with salt and water and I spray myself during the day when feeling overwhelmed.  Feel free to add a drop of essential oil here as well – lemon, lime, sage, frankincense, etc. all work well.
  • White light meditations – these are an amazing way to protect and cleanse our energy. Even a few minutes a day of visualizing and meditating offers protection. We offer a great example on our paranormal team page – found here:

Check out our #PCINJ page for a lot of other information:

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