Welcome to a haunted journey to historical sites!

Welcome to my unique view on some of the greatest, historic, haunted sites we come across in our travels. (BTW, I freely admit that some may say crazy views and I can’t always disagree) But what in this world and others isn’t a little crazy right?

My name is Kristi and I am a psychic medium, empath and paranormal investigator at night, and strangely enough, a fiscal analyst by day. (Life can take us on strange journeys for sure… )

Currently, I volunteer with an amazing paranormal team – Paranormal Consulting & Investigations of New Jersey (PCINJ).  You can find use here:   http://WWW.PCINJ.ORG

Talking about journeys, my husband Lou has been having a great time locating new and unique, historical places to visit that have otherwordly inhabitants, lots of history, and usually some fun to be found. We love to take weekend road trips, night’s out, adventures together that let us see our world and history in a unique way.  Most of these places have beer… and food… and boo’s… I mean really, what’s not to love? We are having an amazing time traveling and bringing the history and the haunts to you!

Haunted History Jaunts Haunted Historic Key West
Haunted History Jaunts – Key West

Being a psychic medium, I have a unique view of these places.  Add a little Craft Beer into the mix, and I can get chatty.. (ok… who am I kidding, I am always chatty when it comes to the paranormal).  And my chattiness isn’t always to someone everyone else can see… Which always makes for an interestingly good time – or embarrassing depending on who’s watching! 🙂

I want share – with all of you – these incredible, historic places that tell their story in a very unique way, especially to me. Some sites are well known, and I may know some of the background up front, but a lot of them I go in  “cold” and have no clue Lou even has a little adventure up his sleeve until we arrive…. (he loves this BTW).

So come along with me and Lou on these adventures into our local haunted history. Join us on our fun jaunts as we take in boo’s, beer, history and adventure together through our travels. Every psychic and paranormal experience will be told, every ghost story shared and you will never look at history the same (or me for that matter 🙂

Haunted History Jaunts paranormal historical

Haunted History Jaunts - Kristi Key West

Haunted History Jaunts - Kristi Key West

Haunted History Jaunts - Kristi Key West

Haunted History Jaunts - Kristi Key West

Haunted History Jaunts - Kristi Key West craft beer

Haunted History Jaunts - Kristi Key West


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