Haunted Historic Whitehill Mansion – Paranormal and Spirits

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Historic Whitehill Mansion Exterior

The Whitehill Mansion, in Fieldsboro New Jersey, is a local haunted historic jaunt for us – one we have visited, toured and investigated for paranormal activity several times now.  The beauty of this home and the history it has to share keeps drawing me back.  This stately historic home, circa 1723, overlooks the majestic Delaware River and its location has been part of this Nation’s history since the very start – and in fact recently uncovered relics reveal the lands importance long before that!  The land was a winter settlement for the Lenni Lenape Native Americans – artifacts have been uncovered on the property – and the Mansion has ties to Revolutionary War activity.  There have been several families that have resided in the home over the centuries and the property history includes an upscale restaurant and a prohibition hot spot – complete with illegal gambling, purported mob activity and a brothel.  This expansive history – including the loving families and the tragedies that befell them as well as the illicit activities – has left its mark (and energy) on the Mansion – making it even grander today than a century ago.  Is it any surprise that the Spirits remain and the building and land is haunted?

Find my initial blogpost here – detailing this properties amazing haunted historic history:  https://wp.me/paqIPF-85

“Paranormal Lockdown” – with Katrina Weidman and Nick Groff – filmed an episode at this amazing and unique site.  And I recently saw a post from Katrina Weidman that she returned to this haunted historic location for her YouTube Show – “Travel the Dead” – and had several interesting experiences.   You can find this here if interested:  https://www.youtube.com/c/KatrinaWeidman.

Thankfully, this historic Mansion wasn’t sold off and developed.  It has been purchased and preserved by the Borough of Fieldsboro and the Friends of White Hill Mansion has dedicated itself to the restoration and preservation of this beautiful haunted historic home whose very walls hold the tales of our Nation’s history – and is ready to tell them to those willing to listen.  The history within these walls and on the very land itself is there for you to see, hear, feel, tour and touch and if that isn’t enough – the paranormal activity is quite intense and never disappointing.  You do not need to be a sensitive or a medium to hear this Mansion’s tales.

I recommend checking out the Friends of White Hill Mansion’s website for more information on the history and their mission – they’ve done a great job!    You can find that here:  https://www.whitehillmansion.org/

I have so much to tell since my very first tour of the Mansion that it’s hard to get started!  Where do I begin when every floor, every room, every experience has left such an impressive impact?  I will do my best to share my experiences with you – paranormal and otherwise.   I’ve written a prior blog about the White Hill Mansion that I recommend checking out – I’ve shared a lot of important history as well as my very first impactful experiences within the Mansion.  You can find that here:  https://wp.me/paqIPF-85

Today I will focus on many of the paranormal experiences I have had at the haunted historic White Hill Mansion as well as some of the most impactful Spirits I have met.   My teammates and I have had the opportunity to do a paranormal investigation several times and have just recently spent 6 hours alone in the dark mansion – where we tried out some new techniques including automatic writing!  I also went in the “forbidden” room for an audio session (see my prior blogpost for  more details on why its forbidden to me).  Let me know in the comments if you have ideas for new paranormal investigation techniques to try – we are always looking for new experiences!   The team I volunteer with is Paranormal Consulting and Investigations of NJ.  We work with clients who are experiencing the paranormal in their homes or businesses and our website can be found here:   https://pcinj.org/   Please pass along this website to anyone you may know in need. While we are located in NJ – we’ve found that we can help many through remote means if necessary.

White Hill Mansion and the Paranormal:

From the very 1st time I stepped foot on this historic property I was in love.  And with every paranormal experience, every visit – I am drawn in deeper.  My future goal is to volunteer with the Friends of Whitehill Mansion and be a part of preserving and restoring this meaningful history in some small way.

Aside from the physical and emotional experiences I’ve had (well we’ve had because the entire team has felt vast amounts of experiences) – which are common for me as a physical medium but often hard to relay sufficiently – I have encountered several Spirits within the Mansion that are willing and quite able to interact.

The Children Spirits:  The very first Spirit I met was that of a child.  My family and I were in the grand front room – browsing around and checking out the Native American Artifacts that were on display.  I wandered a bit away – which I do often much to my husband’s annoyance (he doesn’t trust me to stay out of trouble in a haunted historic house and he’s probably right) – when I felt a small hand grab and tug on the back of my shirt.  I had a sense of a little girl and thought it was my daughter – it’s something she would do, grab and hold onto me.  I slowly turned around to reach for her hand – she wasn’t standing there!   In fact, everyone was across the room paying absolutely no attention to me (imagine that – family ignoring Mom).  At this point I was a bit put off and went to stand in front of my husband (yes, I did it this on purpose – I figured let Spirit touch him and see what he does!).  I figured they could tug on him – after all it would be very amusing to see his reaction if it happened (it didn’t – much to my disappointment!).

It was in the main foyer – a grand room where we joined the tour  – that I first “saw” the children I would encounter many times at the Mansion.  There was a boy – about 9 years old – and a girl that was slightly younger, dressed in old fashioned clothing, running around, giggling and grabbing at people.   I honestly was confused at first – thinking they were part of a reenactment for the tour – but nobody else was reacting at all (just me, once again, looking like the crazy person staring at children that aren’t there!).  I figured I was either hallucinating children playing or I was “seeing” Spirits.   I’ve encountered these children many times since and in fact had a teammate – during a completely unrelated investigation and without knowledge of my findings – tugged on in this foyer. Haunted Historic White Hill Mansion paranormal

The last investigation we set up some trigger objects consisting of an antique doll, wooden blocks, a toy truck, and a ball.  Alongside the trigger objects we left an EMF detector and a teddy bear that detected EMF and would say phrases.  We left them in the front room with a video camera running.  All night, throughout the original sections of the Mansion, I felt a playful energy – as if someone was playing hide and seek with me!  It made things very interesting.   As for the experiment with the trigger objects, although we didn’t catch any anomalies on video, the only time the bear would light up and say phrases (such as “I want to play”) was when the EMF meter would spike up as well. This happened many times over several hours.  At the end of the night, while sitting alone (I never learn my lesson with the wandering off), the “Hide N Seek” energy became intense and I felt like someone was going to jump out at me at any moment.  I was actively trying to communicate with the little boy and pushed the toy truck across the floor.  Almost immediately, I felt something touch the back of my neck in a playful manner.  Was this the children playing?

Haunted Historic Paranormal Investigation Haunted Historic Paranormal Investigation

Take a look at my previous blog (found here: https://wp.me/paqIPF-85) and the Friends of White Hill Mansion website (found here: https://www.whitehillmansion.org/) and look over the previous families that lived in the home.   Leave me a comment – based on the history – who do you think the children are?


The basement is quite the mix of energy, time periods and spirited Spirits full of quite a bit of personality.   The first Spirit I ever interacted with in the basement is endearingly referred to as “the bartender”.  He stands behind the bar in the basement and appears like a character straight out of “Casino”.  For those not familiar with this movie – I’m describing the quintessential Italian “mobster”.  Mr. Casino does not like when anyone comes behind his bar – especially women and definitely if you are touching his things.  Honestly, I think his outrage is more humorous on his part (like he was quite the jokester when alive and continues to play a part now of what we would expect) but it never fails to get a reaction.  I especially love the Gatsby cap he wears even in death.  The hat reminds me of my father, who loved this style and is probably still wearing it every day on the other side now.

There is a table in the corner of the bar area – which I call the “bosses” table.  Many guests of the Mansion have had experiences with what seems to be several different men at this table, all exuding a very domineering and intimidating energy.  I see three male spirits sitting at this table, smoking and playing cards – gambling.   Most times they seem to be unaware of the guests in the mansion but the last investigation was different.  I decided to sit at the table, break out trigger objects of cards, dice and poker chips.   I actively tried to engage the spirits to bet on a roll of the dice against me.  We had several instances of spikes in EMF activity, I was touched twice and it felt as if the die at one point was pushed.  The trigger objects were a definite win!

The other side of the basement has a completely different energy.  The very first time I toured this end of the basement I was picking up on a tunnel – I was very clearly seeing a tunnel running from the basement to the river.   I can’t say if this tunnel was related to the Underground Railroad, a method to transport or hide soldiers or strictly tied to prohibition activities but I had no doubt the tunnel was there.  Evidence of a tunnel has now been discovered – it’s use still to be pieced together.   I encountered several different male spirits on this side of the basement – one appearing to be a soldier and one possibly a victim of mob related activity.  This particular male spirit was in a small room and aggressively pointing at the ground to get my attention – was he buried there or did he die in that spot?  He couldn’t communicate with me in any other way – just teh aggressive pointing at the dirt floor.  We may never know for sure what happened.   During paranormal investigations of this spot we have gotten EMF anomalies, several investigators have been affected by feeling watched, touched or overwhelmed with energy and we have gotten male voices several times through the ghost box.  I also had a very active pendulum session where the spirit confirmed that he was a male, in his 20s, that died on the property.

There is much more to tell regarding the spirits of the White Hill Mansion – a property with a very long haunting history.   In my next blog, I will discuss in detail the very active, very haunted 2nd floor – including the now infamous bathroom – and the 3rd floor which hosts the brothel area and the “forbidden room”.    Be sure to check it out.  Leave me a comment – and let me know your thoughts!


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