Who am I?

Hey there everyone! My name is Kristi and I am a mother of two (22 and 19), both now adults. I’ve been married since I was 18, 25 years (never mind my age now!) to my best friend Lou. I live in NJ but yearn to travel and see the world. And be free from my ever taxing day job…. and maybe bills…

For now, we are starting this traveling in our local area, (NY, NJ, PA, DE) with a few airplane rides thrown in, because well, most of us can’t take jaunts all over the world with kids, a job, a mortgage, and cats to care to for.

Oh yes, did I mention that I am a psychic medium and paranormal investigator as well? This means I can see, hear, feel, taste (yes, sometimes taste… IKR!), smell and most importantly, interact with Spirit energies that many others can not. Most of us call these energies Ghosts and they can be a lot of fun, or terrifying depending on how you look at it!

My husband and I are on an adventure to visit local (for now) historical places, especially those that are known to have a ghost or three to interact with. I want to share these little jaunts with you all, share my unique findings as well as the great history of these sites.

During the day, I work a very boring, normal, too busy job in the analytical world. People I work with have no idea about my abilities but I guarantee most would not be surprised.

I also volunteer with a paranormal group. I am their Director of Mediumship, as well as a good old fashioned investigator. I love the interaction with Spirit on all the scientific equipment, providing validation for clients (most that are terrified in their homes) that their experiences are real. Adding in my mediumship abilities and by collecting the historical background on these homes, our group pulls together the story of their haunting, not only providing them with validation but also a path forward. We have an amazing group of volunteers, with all kinds of backgrounds and beliefs, that have one main thing in common: the desire to help.

This amazing group is “Paranormal Consulting and Investigations of New Jersey”. Or PCINJ for short.

You can find us here:


I hope you can join me on these adventures, come along on our jaunts to these haunted and historic places, and maybe have an adventure of your own along the way!